Learn about HotWax Commerce's return management solutions, including importing returns from Shopify and creating in-store returns.

HotWax Commerce offers solutions for two distinct types of return managemnet: Importing Returns from Shopify and Creating In-Store Returns.

  1. Import Returns from Shopify:

In the context of Mail Returns, customers or the Customer Service Representative (CSR) team can initiate return requests via email or phone calls.

  • Shopify retailers typically employ third-party return management apps for efficient return handling.

  • HotWax Commerce, while not functioning as a dedicated Return Management System, integrates with Shopify. It downloads return data post-completion, transmitting the information to ERP systems for financial and accounting purposes. This integration is facilitated without the need for direct links between ERP and Return Management Systems, showcasing HotWax Commerce's innate capabilities for data transfer.

  1. In-Store Returns:

  • Shopify retailers utilizing Shopify POS can efficiently create and manage in-store returns for online orders directly through the POS system. Returns for these orders is also imported from SHopify

  • For retailers on non-Shopify POS systems, HotWax Commerce steps in to provide essential tools and functionality for creating and managing returns effectively within the platform.

This approach ensures that retailers using HotWax Commerce have a comprehensive and flexible system for handling returns, whether initiated by customers through various channels or managed within the HotWax Commerce platform itself.

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