The Launchpad serves as the central hub for all HotWax Commerce apps, providing easy access to development, user acceptance testing (UAT), and production versions of the applications all in one place.

This document outlines key pages and functions within the Launchpad.

Key items:

  1. Home page

  2. Application categories

  3. Application instances

Home page

Allows accessing all HotWax Commerce applications.


Single Sign-On (SSO): Enables users to log in applications using their credentials. After the initial login in the Launchpad, they gain automatic access to all associated applications without the need to enter their login details again.

Application Categories

Shows how apps are categorized on basis of their characteristics.


This category revolves around managing the orders using the three apps: BOPIS, Pre-Order Management and Fulfillment.

  • BOPIS (Buy Online, Pickup In-Store) HotWax Commerce’s BOPIS app enables users to handover store pick-up orders to customers.

  • Pre-Order Management HotWax Commerce’s Pre-Order Management app enables users to manage pre-orders and backorders, with planned future inventory to fulfill the orders.

  • Fulfillment HotWax Commerce's Fulfillment app enables users to pick, pack, and ship orders brokered to the stores from the OMS.


This category revolves around managing the workflow using the three apps: Threshold Management, Job Manager and Import.

  • Threshold Management HotWax Commerce’s Threshold Management app enables merchandisers to set inventory thresholds for a group of products.

  • Job Manager HotWax Commerce’s Job Manager app helps the operations teams to manage jobs by scheduling new jobs, skipping or canceling scheduled jobs and finding failed jobs that need attention.

  • Import HotWax Commerce’s Import app enables users to import inventory and purchase orders.


This category revolves around managing the inventory using the three apps: Receiving, Cycle Count and Picking.

  • Receiving HotWax Commerce’s Receiving app enables users to manage incoming shipments, purchase orders, and return orders.

  • Cycle Count HotWax Commerce’s Cycle Count app enables stock associates to count the store’s inventory, and reconcile systematic and physical inventory.

  • Picking HotWax Commerce’s Picking app enables the fulfillment team to efficiently pick order items during order fulfillment.


This category revolves around managing users and facilities using the two apps: User Management, and Facilities.

  • User Management HotWax Commerce’s User Management app allows businesses to create and manage users within the HotWax Commerce OMS.

  • Facilities HotWax Commerce’s Facilities app assists businesses in overseeing multiple facilities like stores and warehouses, and managing attributes like facility details and fulfillment options for each facility.

Application Instances

Users can access specific instances of the HotWax apps.


1. Production Instance: To access the production instance of an app, users can click on the respective app card.

2. UAT (User Acceptance Testing) Instance: Users can access the UAT instance of an app by clicking on the bottom right icon of the respective app card.

3. Dev (Development) Instance: Users can access the dev instance of an app by clicking on the bottom left icon of the respective app card.

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