HotWax Commerce Administration Application Overview

This comprehensive document provides an in-depth overview of the HotWax Commerce Administration Application. Covering essential modules such as Order Management, Relationship Management, Product Information Management, Warehouse Operations, Procurement, Accounting, Master Data Management, and Shopify Integration, it outlines the functionalities and features. Users can seamlessly manage orders, employees, products, warehouse operations, procurement processes, financial transactions, and Shopify shops, ensuring efficient and streamlined business operations.

Order Management:

  • Sales Orders: Gain an end-to-end view of order fulfillment processes.

  • Create Order Return: Initiate seamless order return processes.

  • Sales Returns: Handle and process customer returns efficiently.

Relationship Management:

  • Employees: Access and update employee information.

  • Create Employee: Add new employees to the system, defining their roles and responsibilities.

Product Information Management (PIM):

  • Products: Maintain and update detailed product information.

  • Categories: Organize and manage product categories effectively.

Warehouse Operations:

  • Picklists: View item-picking lists assigned to pickers.

  • Inbound Shipments: Track and manage accurate information about incoming shipments.

  • Outbound Shipments: Efficiently manage outgoing orders and monitor their status.

  • Reconcile Inventories: Ensure inventory accuracy through regular reconciliations.

  • Track Inventory: Monitor facility-wise inventory levels.

  • Facilities: Manage facilities and set order limits for efficient inventory control.

  • Move Stocks: Transfer inventory seamlessly within the organization's facilities.

  • Inventory: Access and update real-time inventory information.

Procurement Management:

  • Create Purchase Order: Initiate procurement requests and streamline the purchasing process.

  • Purchase Orders: Track and manage procurement orders efficiently.


  • Sales Invoices: Create and manage invoices for sales transactions, ensuring accurate financial records.

Master Data Management (MDM):

  • EXIM: Handle import and export data seamlessly across multiple integrated systems.

  • Stores: Manage information related to associated product stores within the OMS.

Shopify Integration:

  • Create Shopify Shop: Establish and configure Shopify shops seamlessly.

  • Shopify Shop: Access and customize settings for Shopify shops, ensuring smooth integration with the OMS.

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