Disabling facilities

In order to disable a facility, users need to disable all fulfillment permissions for that specific facility and unlink all associations it has with various product stores, groups, and others from the Facility Details page. Users can disable any facility using the following steps.

Only users with Admin permissions can log in to the Facilities App. Users in the Administration security group have admin permissions.

  1. Navigate to the Facilities App in the Launchpad and log in to access the app.

  2. Select the Facilities option on the homepage to view all existing facilities.

  3. On the Find Facilities page, locate the facility you want to remove and click on it. This action will open the Facility Details page.

  4. Disable all configurations on the Sell inventory online card, such as Shopify, Amazon and others, using the toggle buttons in front of the configurations to unlink all channels for online orders.

  5. Set the order capacity of the facility to '0' by clicking on the Fulfillment Capacity chip on the Online Order Fulfillment card and selecting the No Capacity option from the menu.

  6. Disable all the following configuations on the Fulfillment Settings card using the toggle buttons provided along with the settings:

    • Allow Pickup

    • Uses native fulfillment app

    • Generate shipping labels

  7. Unlink all 'Product Stores' associated with the facility by clicking on the overflow menu button in front of the product store name and selecting the Unlink option from the menu.

  8. Go to the External Mappings tab at the bottom of the Facility Details page and unlink all mappings including Shopify that exist for the facility by clicking on the Remove button on the mapping card.

After completing all the above steps, the specific facility will be disabled.

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