Explore HotWax Commerce's technical documentation for insights on integrating with ERP, WMS, and POS systems.

HotWax Commerce Technical Documentation is designed to provide a comprehensive understanding of the platform's integration capabilities with systems such as ERP, WMS, and POS, and how to leverage them effectively. This documentation will help navigate through the various aspects of HotWax Commerce OMS, including Business Process Models, Journeys, APIs, and Data Feeds.


Journeys represent the interactions of multiple APIs and feeds to deliver specific user experiences. The documentation will guide through the various out-of-the-box Journeys available, helping understand how to configure and customize them to meet specific business and integration needs.


APIs allow other systems to interact with different aspects of OMS such as Orders and Inventory. The APIs provide the flexibility to perform operations such as managing inventory and fulfilling orders. The documentation provides detailed information on each API, including how to authenticate, make requests, and handle responses.

Data Feeds

Out-of-the-box data feeds enable integration between systems such as ERP, WMS, POS, and OMS. Whether looking to synchronize inventory, update product, or import/export data, data feeds make it easy to connect HotWax Commerce with other systems. The documentation provides step-by-step instructions on how to use data feeds such as CSVs and Jsons to meet integration requirements.

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