Product Management

The Find Product page within HotWax Commerce serves as a centralized hub for managing products. This page offers a consolidated view of all the products with individual variant information, displaying product category, product name, product ID, and product features viz, size, colors, etc. It enables users to have a quick view of all existing products and carry out product management efficiently.

HotWax Commerce Find Product page also empowers users to use multiple filter options to refine their product search. The prominent Preorders and Backorders filters help users to search out specific products, under these categories, enabling retailers to view the products currently on preorder and backorder.

Step-by-Step Usage Instructions:

  1. Log in to HotWax Commerce by entering your credentials on the login page.

  2. Within the hamburger menu, find and select the PIM (Product Information Management) option. This will open a submenu with various product-related functionalities.

  3. From the PIM submenu, choose the Product option. This action will direct you to the Find Product page.

Search Products

The Search Bar on the Find Product page provides users quick access to get information regarding any product. It streamlines the search process about various identifiers such as Product ID, Product name, SKU, UPC, Parent product, or any other related keywords. For a search with any keywords, all related products and variants are listed alphabetically as per the parent product name.

Search Products using Filters

Enables users to search products, simultaneously using single or “multiple filters'', and allows users to choose required options from the selected filter dropdowns to refine the search results. This feature is significant for looking up the required set of products to efficiently manage and monitor the specified products and their variants by “Category”, “Features”, “Tags”, and “Price”, or group search by Preorders and Backorders.

Generally, for a keyword search, all the related products appear and are displayed on the screen. To search for a specific product, users can either choose the options from available filters or enter a value set of product names and features or any other value together to excel the search. For example, if a product has different sizes and is available in multiple colors, and want to search “Checked Shirt, Size S, and Colour Black” users can put in the value in the search bar as “Check Shirt” and use Feature Filter to get the specific product.

Export CSV

For having a quick view of a certain set of products, users can filter out the products and run the export function to download the CSV into their system.

Manage Safety Stock

Enables users to search selected products and export CSV by specifying safety stock value and uploading it back using EXIM for bulk products. Safety Stock will be established at all the associated facilities for the entire set of selected products. Users are allowed to manually create CSV, set safety stocks, and upload using EXIM for bulk products. Read more about safety stock in our complete document.


Enables users to search and create CSV of all displayed products. A threshold will be established for the entire set of selected products. Users can manually create CSV and upload using EXIM for bulk products.

View Product Details

The comprehensive Product View page within HotWax Commerce enhances user efficiency and facilitates streamlined product management. This page consolidates all essential information related to a specific product, providing users with a holistic view that encompasses key details of product identifications and product information such as product specifications and associated sales channels. To access the Product View Page, search for the required product on the Find Product Page and simply click on the Product ID to view extensive details about the product.

HotWax Commerce offers the following features on the Product View Page:

Overview Section

The overview section contains essential information related to “product specifications”, “features”, and “identifications”. Here's a summary of each element:

This information provides a comprehensive overview facilitating effective management and customization of a product and also empowers users to add and delete any product specifications.

Sync Products to Multiple Shopify Shop

Retailers who operate in multiple countries use Shopify shops in Hotwax commerce to manage the same product catalogs in different countries. A master catalog holds all products, while associations are formed to sync these products across different country-specific catalogs. These associations are automated through a job in HotWax Commerce that creates associations between products in the master catalog and the product catalog of other countries by matching the SKU codes. Retailers can view the product association with the different shops in the Shopify Shop section and Add new product associations with Shopify Shop by following these steps:

  1. Click on the Add button in the Shopify Shop section, this will open a new module

  2. Select the Shop from the dropdown menu, for which you want to create the association.

  3. Add Shopify Product ID and Shopify Inventory ID

  4. Click on the Add button to save the product association

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