In-Store Returns

Learn how HotWax Commerce OMS simplifies in-store return processes for retailers, ensuring efficient handling of online orders in physical stores.

The Creating In-Store Returns feature in HotWax Commerce addresses challenges for retailers selling products across multiple channels. In the absence of online order information in POS systems, in-store returns can become complex. HotWax Commerce, an Omnichannel Order Management system, resolves this by maintaining records of online orders from e-commerce platforms, ensuring efficient in-store return processes on the HotWax Commerce platform, and improving workflow for store associates.

How to Create In-Store Returns:

  1. Enter your user credentials (username and password) to log in to the HotWax Commerce Platform.

  2. Navigate to Create Order Return:

    • In the main menu, click on Order Management.

    • From the dropdown, select Create Order Return.

  3. Search for the Order:

    • On the Create Order Return page:

      • Utilize the search tab to locate specific orders.

      • Enter relevant details such as Shopify Order ID, Customer Name, Order creation date, Customer Email Address, or Customer Phone Number.

      • Click Search to find the specific sales order.

  4. Select Create Return:

    • Once the order is located, click on the Create Return button associated with the order.

  5. Complete the Return Details:

    • You will be redirected to the Create Return page.

    • Select the first checkbox for all items or individual boxes for selective returns.

    • Enter the Facility ID where the customer is returning the item.

    • Choose the Return Reason from the dropdown menu.

    • Optionally, enter the Employee ID.

    • Click the Create Return button to initiate a return request.

Alternatively, store associates can also create returns by going to the sales order for which the return needs to be created and clicking on the Create RMA button.

  1. View Returns Page:

    • After creating the return, you will be directed to the View Returns page.

    • Store managers wanting to review and approve multiple return requests can also access the View Returns page through the following steps:

      • Navigate to the Sales Return Page from the hamburger menu.

      • Locate and track the status of the return (Requested, Received, or Completed).

      • Click on the order ID to access the View Returns page for detailed information about the return.

  2. Authorize Returns:

    • On the View Returns page, click the Accept button to approve the return request.

    • To finalize the return process, click the Receive Return button.

    • The return status will be completed now on the sales returns page.

  3. Partial Returns:

    • If only specific items need acceptance:

      • Select the checkboxes for those items.

      • Click the Update button to receive a return for the selected items.

  4. Ensure Returns Job is Scheduled:

    • In the HotWax Commerce Job Manager app, ensure the refunds job to update returns on e-commerce for refund creation is scheduled from the Orders page. For more details on how in-store returns are updated on Shopify, you can visit our Shopify integration guide

  5. Verify Returns on Shopify:

    • To verify order returns on Shopify:

      • Go to the Shopify admin panel.

      • Navigate to Orders and access Order Details by clicking on the corresponding order ID.

      • Return information will be available for the corresponding order items.

By following these detailed steps, store associates can efficiently navigate through the HotWax Commerce platform, manage in-store returns, and contribute to a smooth and effective customer experience.

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