Picking App

HotWax Commerce’s Picking app allows users to manage the picklists assigned to them by store managers with features such as barcode scanning, enlarged product images, and optimized picking routes.


Filters: Using filters provides a focused view, highlighting the tasks that still need attention.

  • Only show my picklists: Only show picklists associated with the logged-in user. Users can also see a picklist of other users by turning the toggle off to view other team members' picklists within a facility to make collaboration during fulfillment simpler.

  • Hide completed picklists: Don't show recently completed picklists.

Picklist Details

Shows the details of all the picklist items in a picklist for quick scanning and tracking to complete the picklist.

Search for a picklist item by typing in the product SKU.


Use the built-in scanner to scan products to search the picklist items, eliminating the manual effort of searching an item.

Select Item

Select the picklist items by clicking on the checkbox for the picked item.

Select all

Select all the picklist items with a single click to quickly acknowledge the completion of all picklist items.

Complete a Picklist

Complete a picklist to initiate the packing process.

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