Settings Page

Discover the Settings page in the Fulfillment app, accessed from the hamburger menu, offering configuration options to streamline processes and optimize efficiency.

Settings for the Fulfillment app can be accessed by clicking on the setting button, which is placed at the bottom of the hamburger menu of the fulfillment app. It displays a list of all the settings that can be configured to streamline processes and optimize efficiency.

The Fulfillment app's settings page encompasses various configurations such as:

Product Store

If your OMS (Order Management System) is integrated with multiple eCommerce stores that offer distinct collections of products, you might have several Product Stores configured within HotWax Commerce. Setting Page of Fulfillment App provides a space where you can choose a product store for which you want to fulfill orders for.


The Fulfillment app gives us a space where we can indicate the facility from which we wish to operate. Order, inventory, and other configuration data will be tailored to the facility of your choice.

Online Order Fulfillment

Adjust the order fulfillment capacity for your facility. If you set the fulfillment capacity to 0, new orders will not be allocated to this facility. Leave this field empty if the fulfillment capacity of this facility is unlimited. Setting fulfillment capacity to No capacity disables new orders from being allocated to this facility. Select Unlimited Capacity if this facility's fulfillment capacity is unrestricted. You can also select a custom option to set the capacity limit.

Sell Inventory Online

Determine whether the inventory of the store should be accessible for online sales or not. This setting allows you to specify whether the products available in your physical store should also be available for purchase through online channels or not. If enabled, customers browsing your online store will be able to see and purchase items from your inventory. If disabled, the products will not be listed for online sale, restricting purchases to in-store transactions only.

Product Identifier

Users can choose primary and secondary product identifiers (such as product ID, product title, SKU, etc.) to view products with preferred identifiers in the app.


This option allows users to select an appropriate timezone to ensure consistency and optimize operations according to local time.

Select Language:

This option allows users to select a preferred display language for the app.

Additional Documents

In the fulfillment app of HotWax Commerce, you can utilize the feature to print supplementary documents along with the shipment for package identification purposes. This functionality enables you to include additional documents, such as packing slips or labels, with each shipment.

Packing Slip

Packing slips help customers reconcile their orders against the delivered items. Store managers can use the Generate Packing Slip toggle to control whether or not packing slips are generated for orders.

Shipping Label

A shipping label is provided by the carrier which is used by the shopping carrier to deliver the package to the customer's address. You can toggle whether you want to generate the shipping label for that facility or not.

By utilizing these settings, users can customize their Fulfillment app experience to meet their specific operational needs and streamline processes effectively.

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