Ship to Store

Learn about the Ship to Store feature, allowing customers to place pickup orders for products not immediately available at their preferred location.

The Ship to Store feature helps customers in placing pickup orders for products that are not immediately available for same-day fulfillment at their preferred location. Users of the BOPIS app can find the Shipping to store page by clicking on the trail icon on the top right corner of the Orders page.

Shopify retailers can install the HotWax Commerce BOPIS PDP App within their Shopify stores enabling their customers to select a specific future timeframe for their pickup. Customers will see an estimated pickup timeframe directly on the product detail page, displayed as "Pick up in x days”.

Once the order is downloaded, HotWax Commerce categorizes it as a "Ship to Store" order and brokers it to a facility from where the inventory will be shipped to the pickup location. After a fulfillment location has been designated, store employees can use the following steps to monitor and fulfill Ship to Store orders:

  1. Click on the trail icon on the top right corner of the Orders page, this will redirect the user to the Shipping to store page.

  2. Users can use the Search bar on the top left of the page to find orders using customer name or order ID.

The Shipping to store page is segmented into three tabs:

  • Incoming: This tab displays the incoming inventory that has been received. Store staff can label an order Arrived upon receiving it. A notification will then be sent to the customer, informing them that their order is now available for pickup.

  • Ready for Pickup: This tab displays the orders that are ready for pickup. Once the customer arrives at the store for pickup and receives the order, the store associate marks Handover, moving the order to the completed orders tab.

  • Completed: This tab displays all the completed BOPIS ship to store orders handed over to the customers in the past 24 hours.

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