Packed Order Tab

Learn about the Packed Order tab in the BOPIS app, where orders ready for customer handover are displayed, with convenient search functionality.

All orders that are packed and ready to be handed over to customers are displayed on the Packed tab on Orders page. Users can also use the Search bar on this page to find packed orders using customer name, product name, or order ID. Some key attributes on the order cards available on this page are listed below.

  • Generate Packing Slip: A packing slip is a document listing the contents of a package. It serves as a quick reference for both the sender and the recipient to verify products in the package. With the generate packing slip feature, store associates can generate packing slips manually using the print icon, available on each order card.

For packing slip (document) generation, the app opens a new tab. Ensure that the pop-up blocker is disabled to allow seamless access.

  • Email: In case a customer doesn’t come to pick up their order, users can re-send ready for pickup email notification to the customer using the mail icon available on the order card, a pop-up card will appear confirming re-sending the email. This feature addresses the challenge of delayed pick-ups, misunderstandings, and even order cancellations. This action can also be performed from the Order details page.

  • Handover: When customers arrive to receive their orders and the store associates handover the order to the customer, they need to click on the Handover button to mark the order as delivered. Alternatively, this can also be done on the Order details page of the packed order.

Stock information, order timeline, and handling instructions are also visible on the order card on this page.

After clicking the `Handover` button, the orders are marked completed and moved to `Completed` tab.

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