Catalog Page

Discover the Catalog page in the BOPIS app, offering a comprehensive list of products available for store pickup, along with inventory availability and product details.

The Catalog can be accessed by clicking on the Catalog button on the bottom tab of the BOPIS app. It displays a list of all the products available for store pickup on the e-commerce platform, and it can be used to search for products, view product details, and their check inventory availability.

Search Product

The users can search for a specific product within the catalog by entering the product name or product ID in the Search bar located at the top of the Catalog page.

View Product Details

On clicking any specific product card, the users will be redirected to the Product details page. The product details page provides an overview of the product including its image, available variants and their respective inventory across all the associated facilities. By clicking on the stock quantity button next to the Other stores option, a pop-up window will appear displaying the inventory for that product in the other facilities.

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