Open Order Tab

Discover how the Open Order page in the BOPIS app displays and facilitates the fulfillment of received orders, offering easy search functionality.

All BOPIS orders that have been received and need to be fulfilled are displayed in the Open tab on Orders page. Users can also use the Search bar on this page to find open orders using customer name, product name, or order ID. The list of orders is available on this page along with some key attributes of the orders.

  • Stock Information: The stock information of any product in an order can be viewed conveniently by clicking on the box icon against the item in the order card, this will display the available inventory of that product at the facility.

  • Order Placed Timeline: The order card displays the time elapsed since the order was received, allowing store associates to efficiently prioritize the packing and fulfillment of orders in a timely manner.

  • Handling Instruction: If any handling instructions are mentioned on orders, they are also displayed on the order card so that users can take note of them while picking and packing orders. These can also be viewed on the Order details pages and Packed orders tab.

  • Ready for Pickup: Users can use the Ready for Pickup button on the order card to mark the packed orders as ready for pickup. A pop-up card will open on clicking the button which allows the users to select the associate who picked and packed the order. Alternatively, orders can be marked ready for pickup from the Order details page as well.

Marking an order `Ready for Pickup` triggers an email to the customer that their order is ready for pickup and these orders are moved to the `Packed` tab.

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