Discover how BOPIS notifications enhance order efficiency by providing timely updates on new and open orders within a facility.

Timely notifications are crucial for store associates upon the arrival of a new order. BOPIS notifications provide updates on both new and open orders within a facility, significantly improving the efficiency of order preparation and handover procedures. Notifications can be viewed within the BOPIS app by clicking on the bell icon on the top right corner of the Orders page.

Store managers can customise the following notification preferences.

  • New Orders: Receive notifications as new orders become available for fulfillment at the facility.

  • Open Orders Reminder: Receive periodic reminders for open orders at the facility, helping users stay organised.

  • Ready for Pickup Orders Reminder: Receive reminders for orders ready for pickup at the facility, ensuring timely customer communication.

The frequency of reminder notifications can be configured through the Open BOPIS order notifications job in the Job Manager app's Fulfillment category.

To manage notification frequency, go to the HotWax Commerce launchpad, access the job manager app, and go to the fulfillment page from the left menu. Click on the Open BOPIS order notification button on the Notification card. A extended menu will appear on the right where you can select the run time and schedule according to your preference and click on save to regulate the reminder frequency of the notifications. Admin permissions are required to access this feature.

Users can configure the notification settings in two ways.

  1. Users can click on the bell icon on the top right corner of the Orders page, this will open the Notifications page. Once they have accessed the Notifications page, they can click on the settings icon at the top right corner of the page and configure notification preferences.

  2. Users can use the Notification Preference card on the Settings page of the BOPIS app.

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