BOPIS Fulfillment App

HotWax Commerce's BOPIS fulfillment app enables retailers to efficiently manage Buy Online Pick-up In Store (BOPIS) functionality and handover store pick-up orders to customers.

The app also allows retailers to integrate their online and offline channels seamlessly, offering customers the convenience of buying online and picking up their purchases in-store. This omnichannel solution optimizes the BOPIS process, enhancing customer satisfaction and driving sales.

Access to the BOPIS app is secure and permission-driven. Users will only be able to view information related to stores and orders for which they have been granted explicit permissions. For example, if a store associate is assigned to the Salt Lake City facility, they will exclusively see orders and details related to that facility. Information from other facilities will not be accessible to the associate, ensuring a controlled and secure user experience.

Customers select their preferred store for pick-up on the product detail page on eCommerce platforms when they place BOPIS orders. Orders are then imported into HotWax Commerce, but BOPIS orders are not brokered as the facility has already been selected by the customer. The imported orders are reflected in the BOPIS app of the facility selected by the customer while placing the order.

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