Transfer Order Receiving

How to receive transfer order in HotWax

HotWax Commerce’s Inventory Receiving App empowers stock associates to efficiently receive ASN, Purchase Orders, and Returns and update the inventory count in the HotWax Commerce Order Management System.

The Inventory Receiving App enables retailers to precisely track the physical inventory received at their locations and record them in the system. For example, if a store anticipates 100 shirts in an incoming shipment but physically receives only 90, the app facilitates in recording exact inventory counts. This distinction is crucial as it prevents potential order rejections during fulfillment due to discrepancies in inventory levels.

Additionally, the Inventory Receiving App streamlines the receiving process by allowing store associates to efficiently enter or scan products using handheld devices like mobile phones or iPads. As a Progressive Web App (PWA), it offers flexible browser-based access or can be easily saved as an icon on store associates' devices, providing convenient one-click accessibility. This adaptability ensures a seamless and expedited inventory-receiving experience, enhancing overall operational efficiency.

For a step-by-step guide on receiving the shipment, refer to this user guide.

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