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Seamlessly reconcile physical inventory with system data for precise tracking, empowered by intuitive mobile scanning technology.

HotWax Commerce's Inventory Count App streamlines inventory management in stores and warehouses by empowering store associates and managers to seamlessly match physical inventory with system inventory. This intuitive Progressive Web Application (PWA), accessible through browsers or icons on handheld devices, optimizes the inventory counting process. Store associates can swiftly scan products using mobile phone or tablet cameras, ensuring a precise and efficient counting process. Specific permissions are necessary for full utilization of the Inventory Count App. Store associates with Order Fulfillment permissions can conduct inventory counts, while store managers with Order Fulfillment Manager permissions have the added capability to review counts and log inventory variances.

Users can log in to the Inventory Counting App only if they are associated with a facility.

Count Complete Inventory

Store associates periodically count real-time inventory to identify any discrepancies between physical and system inventory counts. Store associates can conduct inventory counts for specific products using the Inventory Count App through the following steps:

  1. Search Product

Store associates can quickly locate products by searching products using product IDs, and SKUs from the Search box or utilizing the scan feature by tapping on the Scan button at the bottom of the page to quickly scan the product barcodes. They can also view enlarged product images by tapping on the Image to identify products without barcodes.

  1. View Product Details

After locating the products for inventory counting, associates can tap on the item to view the Product Detail page with enlarged images and variant details.

  1. Adjust Inventory Count

Once the physical counting process concludes, store associates can manually enter the counted quantities into the Stock field of the Product Detail page.

  1. Update Loaction

Store associates also have the ability to view and modify the existing inventory location within the store or warehouse by selecting the Location field. This functionality enables store associates to confirm the accuracy of inventory placement or update the location if inventory has been relocated.

Show Systematic Inventory: During inventory counting, store associates can view systematic inventory for reference. However,store managers sometimes prefer not to display systematic inventory to ensure store associates accurately count without relying on system data. To hide systematic inventory, store managers can access the Settings page by tapping the settings icon in the app footer. On this page, they will find a card labeled Quantity on Hand, providing the option to toggle the Show Systematic Inventory on or off. If this option is on, on the product detail page In stock quantity is displayed, and in case of an inventory discrepancy, Variance is automatically calculated and displayed.

  1. Save Inventory count

Store associates need to tap on the Save button at the bottom of the page to conclude the counting process.

Approve Inventory Counts and Record Variance

Once store associates complete the inventory count, it undergoes review by store managers. The store managers can navigate to the Upload page from the footer on the bottom of the app to view all submitted inventory counts. Here, they can review and either approve or reject the inventory count performed by the store associates.

A. Store managers can approve the inventory count by tapping the blue Upload icon situated at the bottom right of the page. This action prompts a confirmation pop-up card, where managers can tap on the Upload button to approve the inventory count.

B. After the upload from the app, the next step involves the admin user's approval of the cycle count within the OMS. To do this, the admin should navigate to the Reconcile Inventory option situated in the warehouse section of the hamburger menu. Once there, by clicking on the Invenotry Count Import ID, the admin can access the view inventory count import page. Here, product selection is flexible, allowing the admin to choose individual products by checking the corresponding boxes or opt for a bulk selection using the checkbox located to the left of the product header. To complete the process, the admin can then click on the Record Variance button. This action finalizes the approval of the cycle count.

C. In cases where the store manager is unsatisfied with the counting process, inventory counts can be rejected by tapping on the Remove button below the items.

Adjust Inventory Variance

At times, store managers may not require a complete inventory count to address inventory variances. For instance, in case an item gets damaged, prompt adjustments are vital to prevent potential overselling on the e-commerce platform. Store managers can log inventory variances for specific products using the Inventory Count App through the following steps:

  1. Locate the product and access the Product Details page — following a process similar to inventory counting.

  2. Within the Product Detail page, a dedicated Variance tab is available for logging inventory discrepancies below the product image.

  3. Store managers can input the desired increment or decrement of inventory from the total stock in the Quantity field. For instance, entering 5 adds to the inventory in case of finding any misplaced item, while -5 subtracts from the count due to damage or loss.

  4. Store managers are also prompted to select a Variance Reason from a dropdown menu, detailing the specific cause such as 'damaged' or 'found.'

  5. Upon completion, tapping Log Variance button updates the inventory count in the HotWax Commerce OMS and subsequently on the e-commerce platform and ERP systems.

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